San Antonio Open Golf Championship

Cedar Creek GC, San Antonio, Texas

November 21-22, 2020

The Rules of the United States Golf Association govern play.

These local rules supersede the local rules on the scorecard.

Additionally the 2020 TGA Hard Card applies to this competition.

COMPETITION--36 holes stroke play.  BLUE tees, amateurs/professionals; WHITE tees, senior male amateurs/professionals, female amateurs/professionals; GOLD tees, super senior amateurs. If declared in advance, seniors and Super Seniors may play up a tee to compete for 2 purses.

TIME OF STARTING—See Rule 5.3a. Report to your starting tee 10 minutes early.

SCORER’S TENT—located on the path to the clubhouse.  Scorecards must be returned to the scorer’s table immediately after the completion of a round.

CLOSE OF COMPETITION--The competition shall be deemed closed when the results have been announced.

FLAGSTICKS-Foam inserts are installed at the base of each flagstick. The ball must be at rest within the circumstance of the hole for the ball to be holed. Players may remove the flagstick at their discretion. It is strongly suggested that players and/or caddies use hand sanitizer after handling the flagstick.

USE OF GOLF CARTS--Golf carts may be used to transport competitors and their equipment. Only players and their caddies may ride in golf carts. Golf carts: Due to limited availability of golf carts, players who decide to ride may be required to have 2 players in a single cart. Masks are strongly recommended when 2 people ride.

OUT OF BOUNDS--Defined by inside points of boundary fences, white lines, and white stakes and posts at ground level. (Out of bounds fences, stakes and posts are not obstructions). White lines on the ground supersede boundary stakes.  Tunnels between holes 12-13 and 17-18 are OB.

PENALTY AREAS-- Defined by red stakes and lines. Red lines on the ground supersede red stakes. Stakes identify and lines define the penalty area boundary. Relief according to rule 17.1d. 


   Movable Obstructions—Penalty area stakes are movable obstructions.

   Immovable Obstructions--Artificially surfaced paths and roadways, fences, railroad ties, electrical boxes, etc.  White-lined areas tying into artificially surfaced roads and paths have the same status as the roads and paths, that of immovable obstructions.

   Unmarked cart wear immediately adjacent to, and within 1 club length of, cart paths, is deemed to be part of the cart path for relief purposes. Relief without penalty: nearest point of relief + one club length relief area according to Rule 14.3.

GROUND UNDER REPAIR--Defined by enclosed white lines within the perimeter of the course.  Relief without penalty according to Rule 16.

DROP ZONE-Hole #13-Drop zone for an additional relief option for the Ground Under Repair area to the right of the fairway and just short of the putting green.

EMBEDDED BALL IN GENERAL AREA—A ball that is embedded in the general area in its own pitch-mark in the ground may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped according to the relief procedure in Rule 16.3.

TURF DAMAGE BY DEER, HOGS, ARMADILLOS—Recent damage to turf by deer, hogs, and armadillos in the general area is ground under repair.  SOME DAMAGE IS MARKED AND SOME IS NOT.  Severe damage on the putting green of the hole being played is ground under repair and may be repaired. If the ball lies on the PG, see GROUND UNDER REPAIR statement.

FIRE ANT MOUNDS—relief according to rule 16.

SECOND BALL-a player may play a second if a doubtful situation occurs. Announce to fellow competitor and select which ball you wish to count if the rules allow (Rule 20.1c(3).

SAND OUTSIDE MARGIN OF BUNKERS—Sand outside the margin of bunkers is general area.


DAMAGE TO GOLF CLUBS-Model Local Rule G-9. Rule 4.1b(3) is modified in this way: If a player’s club is “broken or significantly damaged” during the round by the player or caddie, except in cases of abuse, the player may replace the club with any club under Rule 4.1b(4).


ONE BALL CONDITION--The so-called "One Ball Rule" is in effect (Model Rule G-4). A player must play a ball of the same brand and model as detailed by a single entry on the current list of Conforming Golf Balls.  Penalty: 2 strokes at each hole during which an infraction occurs.

DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES—Players may use a distance measuring device to measure distance only. If the distance measuring device is capable of measuring slope and the player uses it for that purpose, first breach: general penalty; second and unrelated breach: DQ. See Rule 4.3a(1).

DISCONTINUANCE OF PLAY--Temporary suspension of play will be signaled by three consecutive notes on an air horn, repeated, near the clubhouse.  Resumption of play will be signaled by two consecutive notes on the horn, repeated.  For a suspension of play due to a dangerous situation (e.g., lightning), a single, prolonged note of the air horn, repeated, will be signaled and all players must suspend play immediately and seek safe shelter (see Appendix I).  Penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification.  When play has been suspended, practice on the competition course prior to resumption of play is prohibited (Rule 5.5c). In the case of a suspension of play, seek immediate shelter at the clubhouse or the bathrooms near the 2nd/4th and 13th greens.

PACE OF PLAY--Players shall play without undue delay. A group is allowed 15 minutes to complete each hole.  A group that is behind time and has lost its position in the field may be subject to penalty. Penalty for breach of the Rule in stroke play: first offense, warning; second offense, one stroke; third offense, two strokes; fourth offense, disqualification (Rule 5.6).

PLAY-OFF--A hole-by-hole play-off beginning immediately after completion of the rounds will be used to determine the winner of the tournament in the case of a tie.

RULES OFFICIALS—Craig Branson, Jock Brownfield, Dick Femrite, Melinda Hipp, David Hust, Marty Javors, Mike Lonergan, Lupe Rendon, Steve Suhey, Bob Tway.  Referees’ golf carts will be marked with a Rules sign and a small orange flag

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